The Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol is fully aware of the social responsibility it holds, of its duty to actively promote equal opportunities irrespective of gender, age, religious beliefs, ethnicity, sexual orientation and socio-economic background and to avoid discrimination (cf. Austrian Equal Opportunities Act).

The Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol makes every effort to create study, training and work conditions for students and staff alike in such a way that the differing life situations and the diversity of the people are acknowledged and valued as an enriching asset. 

Students with health impairments (e.g. students with physical disabilities, sight or hearing impairments, students with chronic or acute disorders) should be granted suitable conditions for studying. In order to enable students with disabilities or chronic disorders to be able to study, individual case-specific solutions are developed together with the student in question paying due regard to the statutory specifications.


The heads of teaching staff must be notified of disabilities and/or chronic disorders before the student begins the course. This notification must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate. The disability/disorder may not be in contradiction to the legal regulations pertaining to the physical aptitude required for the FH Bachelor degrees in medical-technological subjects or midwifery (cf. FH-MTD-AV §4 and FH-HEB-AV §4).


After clarification of the implications of the handicap on the programme of study, individual solutions will be sought and documented in writing. Here some examples:


Students with a disability and/or chronic disorder have the right to a different method of examination when a disability is attested which renders impossible the taking of the examination in the standard, scheduled manner and when the content and the requirements of the examination are in no way infringed upon by the employment of a different examination method (cf. FHStG, § 13, par. 2).

  • Extended time allowance for written and oral examinations or an extension to the time allowed for work on seminar papers and dissertations/theses
  • Waiver of the regular compulsory attendance in lectures (balanced out by other compensatory work efforts)
  • Allowance of necessary technical aids
  • Allowance of sign language interpreters
  • Pauses during examinations for breaks


The fhg – Zentrum for Gesundheitsberufe Tirol GmbH offers handicap-accessible, barrier-free access.

Special conditions with regard to student grants apply for students with health impairments. Further information is available from the grants office.

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