Dr. rer. nat. MSc. Natalia Schiefermeier-Mach


Dr. rer. nat. MSc.
Natalia Schiefermeier-Mach

Deputy Scientific Director

43 512 5322-75482
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Innrain 98, 6020 Innsbruck

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests and current research projects

  • Interaction of lung cells with fungal pathogen
  • Human Infections (team member in FFG 6.COIN, 2017-current)

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Physiotherapeutic evaluation of patients with post COVID-19 condition: current use of measuring instruments by physiotherapists working in Austria and South Tyrol.

Spiegl C, Schiefermeier-Mach N, Schifferegger E, Wiederin C, Scheiber B. (2022). Archives of Physiotherapy. 21: 12-21.

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Identifikation motorischer Defizite im Kindergarten aus der Sicht von österreichischen Kindergartenpädagog:innen. Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung.

Scheiber B, Spiegl C, Plattner J, Neuruer S, Schiefermeier-Mach N. (2022). 

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Surfactant protein D inhibits growth, alters cell surface polysaccharide exposure and immune activation potential of Aspergillus fumigatus.

Wong SSW, Dellière S, Schiefermeier-Mach N, Lechner L, Perkhofer S, Bomme P, Fontaine T, Schlosser AG, Sorensen GL, Madan T, Kishore U, Aimanianda V. ,Cell Surf. Jan 10;8:100072


Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation: Perception and Experience of Austrian Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Students

Scheiber B, Spiegl C, Wiederin C, Schifferegger E, Schiefermeier-Mach N. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18, no. 16: 8730. 

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Generation and evaluation of stable Lifeact-expressing A549 cell lines for investigation of A.fumigatus interaction with pulmonary epithelial cells.

Schiefermeier-Mach N, Zenzmaier C, Angerer S, Zulmin C, Geley S, Perkhofer S. (2018). 20th Congress of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Med Mycol. 56:120.