Nostrification is the recognition of a foreign degree as equivalent to an Austrian bachelor's or master's degree. Nostrification thus means full equivalence with the Austrian degree, the right to use the corresponding Austrian academic degree and the qualification to exercise a profession associated with this degree in Austria. In addition to the successful nostrification, a registration in the register of health care professionals is required for the legal practice of the profession in Austria.

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Who can apply for a nostrification?

Persons with a university degree in a regulated health profession (nursing, clinical technical services or midwifery) from a recognised higher education institution or university in a third country (not from the European Union, a EEA country or Switzerland), are able to apply for a nostrification of their university degree.

What needs to be evaluated?

In an assessment, we will review if your degree programme and your foreign degree meet subject content, overall scope and requirements with the current valid curriculum of the respective university of applied sciences degree programme. If you do not meet all of the requirements, you are entitled to accomplish the missing practical/theoretical courses at the health university of applied sciences tyrol as a non-degree seeking student. Once all additional requirements have been fulfilled and if no other conditions have been set, the chairperson of the health university of applied sciences board will confirm your nostrification.

What do I do if the nostrification is not possible?

If the differences to the respective Austrian university of applied sciences degree programme are too significant (accordance with the corresponding curriculum less than 75%), you can apply for admission to the respective health university of applied sciences tyrol degree programme. After successful admission, you can apply for recognition of examinations from the foreign degree programme, insofar as they are equivalent to the Austrian ones. You can then continue your studies in Austria and subsequently graduate.

Further information:

Österreichischer Integrationsfond

Berufsanerkennung in Österreich


If you would like to apply for a nostrification of your foreign degree, please send your complete application to the following address:

fhg - Zentrum für Gesundheitsberufe Tirol GmbH
Mag. Walter Draxl, MSc
Managing Director
Innrain 98, 6020 Innsbruck

Please note that the same application shall not be submitted to more than one body simultaneously, or after it has been reviewed and withdrawn.

Application Documents

The following documents must be enclosed with the fully completed and signed application form. The required documents must be submitted either as original documents or as certified copies. The awarding document shall always be the original document. Foreign-language documents must be accompanied by a certified German or English translation by translators sworn by a German, Austrian or Swiss court. Documents (certificates, deeds, etc.) from other states must also be certified, unless there is a corresponding agreement between the other state and the state of Austria. Depending on the agreement, original documents or certified copies of the original documents have to be certified in the form specified by the Federal Ministry.

  • Application form
  • Birth certificate and any certificate of change of name, if the study certificates write your previous name
  • Proof of citizenship or passport
  • CV, signed personally
  • Proof of secondary-school leaving examination | university entrance qualification
  • Proof of the status of the university, higher education institute or other post-secondary educational institution
  • Detailed documents about the foreign degree programme, e.g. curriculum (ECTS), study handbook/study guide (important: with a description of the respective course contents), certificates of the examinations taken (including the name and number of hours of the attended courses and examinations), scientific papers.
  • Graduation certificate or diploma certificate (original)
  • Copy of the final thesis/dissertation or summary in German or English
  • Proof of German language skills at level B2 (or C1 for logopaedics) according to the European Framework of Reference by presenting a confirmation of having successfully passed an examination at a recognised educational institution.

An excellent command of written and spoken German is a prerequisite for the successful completion of the nostrification procedure.

  • € 100.00 processing fee for formal verification of the documents
  • € 150.00 for the preparation of a nostrification report if the formal requirements are met; payable in advance
Ongoing fees:
  • Tuition fee per semester € 363.36
  • Austrian Students' Union fee (amount determined annually by the Austrian Students' Union)
  • Contribution to equipment costs depending on the materials, equipment and other services needed